SCA Roasting Professional
SCA Roasting Professional

SCA Roasting Professional

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The Roasting Professional course is designed to build upon the concepts and skills introduced in the Roasting Intermediate course. Learners will gain advanced skills in profile development and sensory analysis evaluation. This course dives deep into a wide range of topics including control and color matching within different and specified time limits, use and configuration of roast profile software, molecules involved in browning reactions, gas formation during roasting process, chemical causes of color and impact on solubility, visual identification of roasting defects, blending and quality control as well as an exploration of production options to help meet differing customer preferences.

A written exam confirms professional course knowledge while a practical exam assesses the learner’s ability to roast to different development time targets within narrow limits, score a roast colour visually, identify common roast defects through cupping and finally distinguish between small and large differences in a roast profile to simulate production quality control processes.

Participation on this course requires the following modules being completed at least three months prior:

  • Roasting Intermediate

The following courses are also recommended:

  • Green Coffee Intermediate
  • Sensory Skills Intermediate

For further information or advice send a message to:

  • Points towards CSP diploma: 25
  • Course length: 4 days, 9:00-16:00
  • Class size: 4
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