We’re a small team who value precision and flavour above all else. Responsible sourcing coupled with precise and consistent roasting means we deliver exciting and unusual single origin coffees with reliability. We like to build relationships with businesses who get that – simple.

Our team combine their knowledge of agriculture, logistics, engineering, roasting and business to deliver impeccable customer service alongside outstanding coffees that you’ll come back to time and time again.

We partner with quality focused businesses to provide outstanding coffees that belong in those spaces. We like to work with people who share our enthusiasm for a good thing done well, and who care as much as we do about where their coffee is sourced from.

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We provide a complete service including coffee supply, barista training, SCA classes, machinery supply and we’re always happy to have a crack at anything else you might need along the way. Between us we’ve got decades of experience in the industry, so you’re in safe hands.


At PLOT we value equally every step in the journey of our coffees, from the green bean to the final beverage. We understand that a huge amount of effort is required from everyone involved in order to deliver the quality in the cup that demonstrates what we are striving for. We partner with people who share the same values, and will do our best to equip you with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to ensure you thrive.

We have courses for those who are just starting out and also for those who want to deepen their knowledge in coffee and your specific training will be tailored to your requirements. We provide a combination of in-person training & online reference material as well as handouts and resource lists that will ensure your journey in coffee will be more exciting and tasty than you’ve ever imagined.

We have developed a three stage training program exclusively for our wholesale customers so that you can get the very best out of our coffees.

The first two stages focus mainly on espresso based beverages, you will get an overview of the journey from bean to cup and learn to interpret the information that appears on coffee labels and how to communicate these to your customers in order to strengthen the retail side of your business. We also cover basic maintenance and cleaning procedures for your equipment, water filtration, how to introduce filter coffee into your menu and maximising the potential of the business by adopting the most efficient workflow systems possible.

The third stage will deliver foundation level knowledge in sensory skills, highlighting how we perceive flavour and developing your descriptive language. We also cover hand brewing techniques and explore extraction on a deeper level.

If you reckon we’d get along well with your business, you can apply for a wholesale account, send us an email or call.

To request a wholesale price list please email: info@plotroasting.com.