ICON 08, Java Yeast Fermentation
ICON 08, Java Yeast Fermentation

ICON 08, Java Yeast Fermentation

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This experimentally processed lot absolutely blew us away when we first tasted it. The addition of yeast to the fermentation has maxed out the fruit flavours and this coffee is full of vibrant tropical and stone fruits. Like a fruit salad in a cup! We taste peach, lychee, gooseberry and pineapple with a rich sweetness like creme anglaise.

PRODUCER: Fabian Acevedo Rojas
PREPARATION: Fully Washed, Yeast Fermentation
LOCATION: Finca Guyubito, La Argentina, Huila, Colombia
ALTITUDE: 1,700 masl

“My start in coffee goes way back, I grew up on my parents’ farm, where I was raised and have always lived surrounded by my coffee trees.” remembers Fabian. Fabian still lives with his parents on Finca Guyubito. The farm covers three hectares, all of which are now used for growing high quality varieties.

In 2010 they became interested in, and started focussing on specialty coffee production. “Before we processed the coffee, and we believed that our coffee was good, but the truth was that we had no idea. We had never received feedback for our coffee.” says Fabian. This inspired him to learn as much as possible, not just about production and best practices but also how to cup and analyse the results. He took courses and attended workshops before finding some work in cupping labs in order to hone his skills. It wasn’t long before a cupping lab was built on his own farm where he could assess his own coffees and understand how to improve the quality. “I always dreamed of having my own cupping lab on the farm, and today I can say that I achieved this sooner than I ever imagined.” says Fabian.

The first step into producing specialty coffee, was to change some of the varieties which had been grown on the farm such as Castillo, which he replaced with better cupping varieties such as Java, Gesha and Bourbon. He also began trialling different fermentation experiments and has been perfecting his recipes over time. Now, he works every day to continue improving and learn more about how to produce better coffees.

The Java variety takes its name from the island of Java where it was introduced directly from Ethiopia by the Dutch in the early 19th Century. It was originally thought to be a Typica selection but genetic fingerprinting of molecular markers has revealed that Java is a selection from an Ethiopian landrace population called Abysinia. It represents an interesting alternative to Gesha, as it has high cup quality but is more resilient for small farmers with better tolerance of coffee leaf rust and Coffee Berry Disease.

This coffee has undergone a fermentation process with added yeast for 36 hours in a plastic container before being sun-dried over fourteen days on raised beds inside a parabolic drying structure.

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