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SOURCE Espresso

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Our seasonal house espresso sourced through long term relationships. This current iteration is a beautiful washed Colombian and tastes like blackcurrant, orange and caramel.

CULTIVAR: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
LOCATION: La Roma, Gaitania, Tolima
ALTITUDE: 1,920 masl

This coffee is sourced through Forest Coffee from their project in Tolima-Gaitania It’s a coffee produced by more than 40 coffee growers from the region, which are processed separately and dried by brothers Emanuel and Valentina, at their farm La Roma. This farm is located at an incredibly high 1,920 masl. They have been working with their own farm and with all their neighbours, gathering all the washed parchment coffees after fermentation and developing an amazing sun-drying system. They are currently working on building a new wet mill facility which will allow them to process much larger volumes of coffee cherries.

The flesh of the fruit is removed mechanically using a de-pulper before the sticky parchment coffee is placed into water tanks where the fermentation process will remove the rest of the fruit. After delivery to La Roma the coffee is then dried under the sun until it reaches the target moisture content before being rested to stabilise and then prepared for export.