SERGIO ARANDA, Anaya Pink Bourbon
SERGIO ARANDA, Anaya Pink Bourbon

SERGIO ARANDA, Anaya Pink Bourbon

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A beautiful and bright pink Bourbon from a great young producer. A sparkling and super clean example of an excellent variety, this cup is so juicy and we taste passion fruit, melon and lemonade.

CULTIVAR: Pink Bourbon
LOCATION: Anaya, Acevedo, Huila
ALTITUDE: 1,700 masl
PRICE PAID: £13.60/kg

Sergio Aranda’s farm, Anaya, is named after the farm which his parents began their journey through the world of coffee with, thirty years ago. The farm covers four hectares, half of which is cultivated with varieties such as pink Bourbon, Pacamara, Gesha, Castillo and Colombia, shaded by fruit trees and Guamo.

At thirty years old, Sergio has more than half a decade dedicated to coffee farming. From a very young age he remembers how his parents upon returning from their hard day's work in the coffee plantations, the greatest reward was to finish the day by sharing stories of their time in the fields. This was his parent’s method of instilling love and respect for the product that is still the family's sustenance and how Sergio found his vocation and love for everything that surrounds him in terms of coffee.

Sergio strongly believes in contributing something to the region and aims to raise awareness by inviting young people to work the land, take advantage of the resources that it provides, and maintain the love and coffee-growing customs of the area.

Sergio has guaranteed the evolution and excellence of his coffee by developing strict processing protocols. Cherries are harvested with at least 80% being fully ripe. The coffee is then pulped and fermented with water for two days before being washed and then dried for 8-10 days in a “Casa Elba”, a sun drier with has a retractable roof, that provides protection from rain or high temperatures.