RODRIGO SANCHEZ VALENCIA, Cold Fermented Pink Bourbon
RODRIGO SANCHEZ VALENCIA, Cold Fermented Pink Bourbon

RODRIGO SANCHEZ VALENCIA, Cold Fermented Pink Bourbon

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Complex and tropical, expect tangy pineapple, refreshing melon and sweet apple cider. This is the first of what was supposed to be our special London Coffee Festival lots. 

CULTIVAR: Pink Bourbon
PREPARATION: Washed - Cold Fermented
LOCATION: Finca Monteblanco, Huila
ALTITUDE: 1,730 masl

When Rodrigo Sanchez became interested in quality competitions he began to study how to produce consistently excellent coffees through careful processing and agronomy. This led him to explore some of the varieties which his grandfather planted on his farm in the 1980s after suffering an attack of leaf rust. Hidden amongst the more common varieties grown in Colombia which populated his farm, Rodrigo discovered trees he hadn’t noticed before with broad leaves that looked like Gesha and presented a very high quality cup profile. These previously unnoticed trees were identified as Pink Bourbon and have since been separated and planted further.

This Pink Bourbon lot is processed using a new technique which Rodrigo and his team piloted in 2015 - Cold Fermentation. Coffee destined for this process is harvested when it reaches the optimum 28 degrees brix (the scale for measuring sugar content). After floatation to remove any under-ripe cherries the coffee is depulped and immediately placed in GrainPro bags then transferred to a refrigerator, where the temperature is regulated between 10-13 degrees Celsius for 76 hours. After this prolonged fermentation, the coffee is fully washed and transferred to the solar drier, where it spends three days. Finally, it is placed on raised beds in the shade to continue drying for 23-25 days.

Two years of experimentation with this method has yielded the ideal balance between the sugar content and fermentation temperatures, achieving the desired baseline for consistency and complexity of flavour in the cup.