RAFAEL AMAYA, Lactic Washed Micro-lot
RAFAEL AMAYA, Lactic Washed Micro-lot

RAFAEL AMAYA, Lactic Washed Micro-lot

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This is a really stunning lot from a producer who has mastered the art of extended fermentations. This is a wonderfully complex coffee that tastes like stewed fruits and strawberry with floral notes.

PREPARATION: Washed, Lactic Fermentation
LOCATION: Finca La Virginia, Timiná, Huila
ALTITUDE: 1,700 – 1,800 masl

Rafael’s farm is located in the Timiná region of Huila in the south of Colombia. Back in 2015, Rafael realised that in order to achieve higher premiums for his coffee he needed to offer something different. He started experimenting with long fermentation, washed micro-lots and has mastered the process over the years. He developed a system of standardising his fermentations by tasting the fruit at various stages. He discovered that the flavour sweet spot was reminiscent of overripe oranges after which it transitioned into passionfruit notes.

This lot was picked following strict ripeness criteria before being both floated and then hand sorted to remove any under or overripe cherries. The coffee was then placed in GrainPro bags and left to ferment without water for 100 hours at 20 degrees Celcius. The CO2 produced during fermentation pushes the lighter oxygen out of the fermentation environment, creating the perfect conditions for the production of lactic acid which is responsible for enhancing fruity notes in the coffee. After fermentation, the cherries were pulped, washed and then dried on raised beds until they reached their target humidity.