MARIO ANDRÉS ANDRADE, Habitat Forest Sidra
MARIO ANDRÉS ANDRADE, Habitat Forest Sidra

MARIO ANDRÉS ANDRADE, Habitat Forest Sidra

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A beautiful example of a washed coffee from Ecuador, home to some truly outstanding lots. Rich and complex with notes of kirsch, cacoa nibs and honeydew melon.

LOCATION: Finca Habitat Forest, Ibarra, Imbabura
ALTITUDE: 1,700 - 1,900 masl

Habitat Forest farm is in an isolated area surrounded by waterfalls, rivers and forests. A large proportion of the farm is made up of native trees and forests, creating a biodiverse environment of mixed flora and fauna.

Mario’s grandfather would grow coffee for his own consumption and to share with his workers at dinner time. When coffee production started becoming popular in the region, they started to sell small volumes to national roasters. Over time, coffee production proved to be a profitable business and the family invested more time and money into the crop.

Three years ago, Mario was carrying out an experiment with one of his coffee lots which a roaster from Quito paid him a very high price for. This experience made Mario realise the potential of producing specialty coffee over commercial and he now aims to only produce exceptionally high quality lots. This outstanding coffee was fermented for 18 hours before being washed and then dried in the sun on raised African beds.