ISRAEL DEGFA, Gelana Gesha Natural
ISRAEL DEGFA, Gelana Gesha Natural

ISRAEL DEGFA, Gelana Gesha Natural

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This single farm, single variety natural processed coffee is exceptionally clean. Complex notes of soft white peaches, a touch of raspberry jam and floral aromas of jasmine and elderflower.

LOCATION: West Guji Zone, Oromia
ALTITUDE: 1,600 masl

Israel Degfa and his company Kerchanshe Trading, own a number of washing stations and farms across the South and South West coffee regions of Ethiopia. Over the last few years Israel and his team have been focusing on improving the quality of the processing at the washing stations and also experimenting with planting different varieties on their farms.

This coffee is the result of one of their experiments. Their farm in the Gelana Woreda of West Guji, benefits from a decent amount of rainfall and fertile soils that are rich in organic matter. In recent years, the farm has been planted with the popular Gesha variety which has become highly prized due to its singular cup profile and the high auction prices which Cup of Excellence lots have achieved.

The natural processing is impeccable and has imparted none of the funkiness that you might associate with this method. It’s also really unusual to find a single variety lot of this kind in Ethiopia.