ISRAEL DEGFA, Gelana Gesha
ISRAEL DEGFA, Gelana Gesha

ISRAEL DEGFA, Gelana Gesha

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The return of the Gesha from Israel’s experimental Gelana farm. This summery coffee is juicy and delightful with notes of yellow stone fruits, pink grapefruit and florals.

LOCATION: Gelana, Yirgacheffe
ALTITUDE: 1,500 - 1,750 masl
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Israel Degfa and his company Kerchanshe Trading, own a number of washing stations and farms across the South and South West coffee regions of Ethiopia. Over the last few years Israel and his team have been focussing on improving the quality of the processing at the washing stations and also experimenting with planting different varieties on their farms.

This coffee is produced on Israel's private farm in the Gelana woreda of the Yirgacheffe region. The Gelana coffee farm covers 1.5 hectares of coffee cultivation with much of the farm running under greenhouse conditions. In this greenhouse, every agronomic practice is computer controlled using smart techniques. The farm acts as a starting point for many of Israel’s new variety experiments and helps to improve uniform growth for coffee seedlings. Initially established to cultivate the Gesha variety, the farm has also been used more recently to explore varieties traditionally grown in Brazil.