ICON 20 – Grape Maceration Castillo
ICON 20 – Grape Maceration Castillo

ICON 20 – Grape Maceration Castillo

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One of the experimental fruit fermentations produced by the Arcila family in Colombia. These coffees have proved to be highly divisive among purists but undeniably fascinating to taste! By macerating coffee cherries with dehydrated grapes and tartaric acid, Felipe has created an intense flavour experience which brings to mind grape soda, white chocolate and panela.

PRODUCER: Felipe Arcila
CULTIVAR: Castillo
PREPARATION Grape and Tartaric Acid Maceration, Washed
LOCATION: Jardines del Eden, Pijao, Quindío
ALTITUDE: 1,700 - 1,900 masl
BAG SIZE: 200g

This micro-lot is a result of one of many experiments the family have been undertaking of processing coffee using additional fruits, acids and yeasts to affect the fermentation. The variety used for this lot is entirely Castillo, which has replaced Caturra as the most widely grown variety in Colombia, known for its relatively high yields and resistance to both leaf rust and coffee berry disease.

The dwarf variety Castillo was developed over twenty three years and five generations of plants by Federación Nacional de Cafeteros, by crossing Caturra with the Timor Hybrid (a spontaneous interspecies cross between Arabica and Canephora discovered in East Timor).

After the cherries are harvested following strict ripeness criteria, they are floated and hand sorted to remove any visible defects. The whole cherries are then fermented inside a tank with water for 30 hours. Added to the tank are dehydrated grapes and tartaric acid. The coffee is then de-pulped, gently washed to remove the fermented layer of fruit and then slowly dried under temperature controlled conditions until the ideal moisture content was achieved.

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