FIDEL HUANCAS, Chirinos Competition Lot
FIDEL HUANCAS, Chirinos Competition Lot

FIDEL HUANCAS, Chirinos Competition Lot

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This is the first lot which we bought through the Chirinos region’s quality competition at auction. It’s a super complex coffee with notes like dried apricots, lavender and caramel.

LOCATION: El Corazon, Chirinos, San Ignacio, Cajamarca
ALTITUDE: 1,800 masl

Fidel’s coffee always stood out on the cupping table during our recent trip to Peru and when we visited him on his farm it was obvious why; Fidel’s attention to detail is impeccable, his enthusiasm for experimentation is fantastic and year after year he is making improvements to his processing facilities.

Fidel has two fields of his own and is renting a third to make a total of three hectares in the El Corazon area of Chirinos. He’s working towards purchasing the third field which he currently pays for in harvested cherries. The coffee fields are not too far from his house but with no means of transport it can be labour intensive to carry bags of cherry the whole distance. To mitigate this he has built small wet processing facilities in the fields so that he can start processing straight from picking and then carry the lighter parchment back to his solar drier, which he built on top of the storeroom adjacent to his house three years ago.

This lot is exemplary of Fidel’s coffee and was one of our favourites from the auction. This is our first year buying his coffee but we are hoping this is the start of a long relationship and many tasty micro-lots to come.