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Great coffee minus caffeine. This one always reminds us of Christmas pudding as it has notes of raisin, sultana and barley wine.


Various smallholders


Fully washed, Ethyl Acetate decaffeinated


Castillo, Caturra, Colombia


1,200 - 2,000 masl


Caldono, Cauca


May - September


Our current decaf offering is from a cooperative in the Caldono municipality which is located in the Cauca department of Colombia. Unlike the majority of decafs, this lot was specifically selected and decaffeinated at origin. This means more stimulation of the local economy and also a lower carbon footprint than coffees which are shipped across Europe for processing.

It has been decaffeinated using the E.A. method in which green coffee is soaked in ethyl acetate derived naturally from fermented sugarcane. This acts as a solvent to draw out the caffeine from the beans without excessively impairing the flavour. After soaking, the coffee is steamed at low pressure to remove any traces of ethyl acetate which might remain.