ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Hydro-Natural
ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Hydro-Natural

ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Hydro-Natural

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A crazy fruity experimental lot from our friends in Guatemala. The process has really maximised the fruitiness and this boozy number has loads of blueberry and raspberry, tropical fruits like mango and a rich sweetness.

PREPARATION: Hydro-Natural
LOCATION: Finca la Senda, Acatenango
ALTITUDE: 1,600 - 1,700 masl

This lot is comprised of a single day’s picking of Pache from the Nisperales field belonging to Finca la Senda. The cherries were first dried for 4 days under direct sun before being rehydrated by soaking in water over-night; a process designed to enhance tartaric acidity. After rehydration the cherries look almost like they are freshly picked once more and are then dried under shade for 28-30 days.

Finca la Senda, now run by Arnoldo Pérez Melendez and his wife Maria Eugenia Escobar, dates back to the forties, when Arnoldo’s father pioneered the plantation of coffee in the surroundings of the Aldea el Socorro in Acatenango. Arnoldo has spent his entire life with coffee, a beloved product that has supported his and many other families in Aldea el Socorro. All of his employees (14 throughout the year, and up to around 70 during harvest) are villagers.

This is the second year we have bought coffees from this family and the quality and passion for experimentation is clearly what makes them special.