ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Champagne Yeast Natural
ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Champagne Yeast Natural

ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Champagne Yeast Natural

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The extended carbonic maceration and addition of specific yeast has produced a really clean, elegant natural. We get notes of orange, elderflower and white grape from this complex and unique lot.

PREPARATION: Carbonic Maceration, Champagne Yeast Natural
LOCATION: Finca la Senda, Acatenango
ALTITUDE: 1,600 - 1,700 masl

This lot is a single day’s picking of Pache from the Nisperales field at Finca la Senda. The whole cherries underwent a carbonic maceration for 30 hours before champagne yeast was added and macerated for a further 36 hours. The cherries were then dried under direct sun for three days and shade for 30 days.

Until 2017, Arnoldo had been delivering coffee to the local cooperative but after meeting a specialty coffee consultant has realised the potential of the finca’s cherries and has shifted his focus to producing specialty micro-lots. Work on building processing facilities (beneficio) began in April 2017 and were completed over the course of six months, just in time for the 2018 harvest.

Arnoldo and his family combined their deep knowledge of agriculture with best practices in processing, learned and developed with the strong support of his friends and partners. In its first year of processing, Finca la Senda focused its efforts on consistent cherry selection, long and controlled fermentations as well as slow shade-drying.