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A stunning lot from Myanmar, truly representative of the high quality coffees coming from this origin.

CULTIVAR: Red Catuai
LOCATION: Ywangan, Southern Shan State
ALTITUDE: 1,323 masl

Our ARCHETYPE espresso aims to showcase coffees which are shining examples of a particular region or origin.

This coffee was produced by the farmers group Shwe Taung Thu, which translates as ‘Golden Farmer’. The coffees they produce are named after the village where the coffee is grown and processed, with each community having its own working group responsible for managing the processing. The focus is exclusively on producing dry naturals - the climate is particularly suited to this process, with very dry heat during the harvest season providing excellent conditions for drying. Increasing temperatures and droughts are more prevalent and due to the scarcity of water, villages are having to store water collected during the rainy season to use throughout the dry periods.

Freshly harvested ripe coffee cherries are delivered to a central collection point in the village. These are then hand sorted, removing under and overripe fruits and then laid to dry on raised beds which improve air circulation and aid even drying. The cherries are turned hourly during the day and due to variations in environmental conditions can take between 11-32 days to reach their target moisture content before being milled by a local exporter.