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Summer in a cup from our old favourite Bale Mountain. Israel Degfa’s farm produces some crazy fruity naturals and this one tastes like strawberries, apricots and violet.

CULTIVAR: Heirloom
LOCATION: West Arsi, Oromia
ALTITUDE: 1,800 - 2,100 masl

Our ARCHETYPE espresso aims to showcase coffees which are shining examples of a particular region or origin.

This farm, owned by Israel Degfa and his company Kerchashe Trading, is situated in an isolated region of Bale Mountain which is difficult to access by road due to the treacherous terrain. This area of West Arsi is not as commonly associated with coffee as some of the as others in the south, but there is a lot of development here. It’s in an idyllic location, surrounded by two large rivers that flow to the Wabe Shebelle River and Forest Mountains. The coffee collected from the farm is notably dense and uniform, consistently delivering a high quality cup profile.

The coffee is grown in a forest area with rich soil containing plenty of forest humus and the naturals are processed right there on the farm, providing a level of traceability which is very unusual for Ethiopia

As well as a focus on improving quality in his own farms and washing stations, Israel and his company also offer micro finance to farmers they work with, to help them achieve quality premiums. They also contribute to the communities which they work in through social projects, such as building primary schools which provide access to education for children who would otherwise have to walk for two or three hours a day to get to school.