Consistency and accuracy, that's what comes from thousands of hours dedicated to one task.

We are a small team of experienced coffee professionals who value precision, style and flavour. Impeccable, responsible sourcing coupled with precise, methodical roasting and the experience and logistics to deliver amazing coffee are what we pride ourselves on.

Ethical sourcing is of the utmost importance to us and we partner with reputable importers who can provide full transparency along the supply chain.

All of our coffees are traceable to specific producers or sometimes even day’s pickings. We choose them based on rigorous physical and sensorial analysis to ensure we select the very best tasting lots.

Our mission is to develop long term relationships with producers who share our values and passion for quality, starting in 2019 with producers we met on our sourcing trip in Peru.

We proudly roast all of our coffees on a Loring S35 Kestrel which offers unprecedented control and accuracy. It's not only the most fuel efficient roaster of its size but also has the lowest emissions meaning it's incredibly environmentally friendly too.

We have rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that every roast meets our high standards.