We’re a small team who value precision and flavour above all else. Responsible sourcing coupled with precise and consistent roasting means we deliver exciting and unusual single origin coffees with reliability. We like to build relationships with businesses who get that – simple.

Our team combine their knowledge of agriculture, logistics, engineering, roasting and business to deliver impeccable customer service alongside outstanding coffees that you’ll come back to time and time again.

Ethical sourcing is of the utmost importance to us and we are building a network of producers and cooperatives who we know and trust. We make all our purchasing decisions as a team, based on a balance between cup quality and impact on social and environmental sustainability. Transparency in the supply chain is key in ethical purchasing and we can always let you know who grew your coffee, at which farm and often tell you the exact day it was harvested too.

Our mission is to develop long term relationships directly with producers who share our values and passion for quality, so that we can rely on each other as allies in the industry and trust the entire process is as open, fair and honest as it can be from end to end.

We proudly roast all of our coffees on a Loring™ S35 Kestrel™ which offers unprecedented control and accuracy. It's not only the most fuel efficient roaster of its size but also has the lowest emissions meaning it's incredibly environmentally friendly too.