plot (noun) - a small area of planted ground


The plot of land where coffee is grown is one of the most important contributing factors to its unique characteristics. Altitude, soil composition, nutrition and climactic conditions all converge to form the first part of the story in your cup of coffee.

lovely Fidel!

We are always searching for those exceptional coffees that tell the story of the ground they were grown in and the care of the people, all the way along the chain, who have played a part in shaping them.

Ethical sourcing is of the utmost importance to us and we are building a network of producers and cooperatives who we know and trust. All our purchasing decisions are made as a team, based on cup quality but prioritising long-term relationships.

Transparency in the supply chain is key in ethical purchasing and shouldn’t just be the responsibility of the producers, that’s why we always publish the price we paid for each lot we buy.

Our mission is to develop long term purchasing relationships with producers who share our values and passion for quality, so that we can rely on each other as allies in the industry and trust the entire process is as open, fair and honest as it can be from end to end.

plot (verb) - to locate (a curve) by plotted points

Plotting temperature changes over time forms the basis of any roast profile. Each profile is carefully designed to emphasise the best qualities of each individual coffee, maximise extractability and is used to ensure that each roast is executed consistently, time after time.

We proudly roast all of our coffees on a Loring™ S35 Kestrel™ which offers unprecedented control and accuracy. It's not only the most fuel efficient roaster of its size but also has the lowest emissions meaning it's incredibly environmentally friendly too.