Origami Dripper
Origami Dripper

Origami Dripper

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Introducing the Origami Dripper! Designed in Japan and made with Mino Ware ceramic in Nagoya, the Origami Dripper looks just as the name suggests: like beautifully-folded paper.

With a conical structure, 20 vertical channels and available in a wide selection of colours, the Origami Dripper is dishwasher safe and can be used with either conical or flat-bottomed paper filters, whatever your preference is!

Size Medium (M)

Origin: Japan
Material: Ceramic (Mino-yaki)
Product dimensions: Φ138×H87 (drip hole: Φ25)
For 2-4 cups
Flat-bottomed filters: Kalita Wave 185
Cone-shaped filters: Origami Filter Papers (M)
Please note, the Origami Dripper does not come with a stand/holder, you can order either a wooden or plastic resin one here.