Orea V3
Orea V3

Orea V3

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Newly designed, larger version of our favourite brewer for those who like bigger brews. Now made from an extremely durable and lightweight plastic, each unit comes with its own unique base available in loads of different colourways. Not only is it a thing of beauty but it produces exceptionally clean, fruit forward and sweet brews. Compatible with Kalita 185 or 155 filters.

The chosen material, TROGAMID®, has one of the lowest thermal conductivity rates. It acts as an insulator - which you will notice as you brew. It's so good at insulating (or so bad at heat transfer) that we don't need a handle or a sleeve, because it doesn't get too hot to the touch. This means that the heat and energy remains in the coffee bed while brewing, rather than escaping. This will increase extraction and we find that it brings more sweetness in the cup.

Each base is perfectly imperfect - made in the UK in an artisanal process from post-consumer plastic waste like bottle caps, tupperware, and takeout containers. This process results in each piece being slightly different as the plastic flows together uniquely each time. There are 7 patterns to choose from, but each base is one of a kind. 

What makes the Orea different?

  • Fast and consistent drawdown with a patented drainage design
  • A unique brew outcome - balance and sweetness of a flat bed brewer combined with the brightness of conical brewer
  • Unrivaled quality and finish