YOHANI PERALTA, Natural Micro-lot
YOHANI PERALTA, Natural Micro-lot

YOHANI PERALTA, Natural Micro-lot

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Yohani is producing some amazing, clean, natural processed coffee. This is the first lot of hers we have purchased and it’s a complex cup, reminiscent of berries and tropical fruits with a sparkling, citrus acidity.

CULTIVAR: Caturra & Pache
LOCATION: Alto Pirias, Cajamarca
ALTITUDE: 1,870 masl
FOB PRICE: $8.80/kg

Las Pirias is a small, remote town in the Chrinos district of Northern Peru. The higher area of the town is known as Alto Pirias and this is where Yohani has her farm. She’s a neighbour of Graciela Espinoza, a favourite of ours from our first visit to Peru, and the area has favourable climactic conditions for the growing and processing of high quality Arabica. The nearby town of Chirinos is where many of the area’s exporting companies are based due to the relatively good transport links and the presence of banks.

Yohani’s farm is Organic certified and covers around three acres where she grows around 15,000 coffee trees which produce an annual volume of approximately 5,400kg of green coffee. Her coffees are dried in a structure built on her farm which helps protect them from too much heat or excessive moisture, promoting more even drying which improves longevity and cup quality.