UTILITY Espresso
UTILITY Espresso

UTILITY Espresso

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A full-bodied, sweet espresso for everyday drinking. Tastes like dark chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts with a hint of citrus. Smooth and sweet as all hell with milk.

CULTIVAR: Yellow Catuai
LOCATION: Cerrado Mineiro, Patrocinio, Minas Gerais
ALTITUDE: 1,000 masl

Fazenda Freitas has been producing coffee for the last 32 years under the control of Osmar and more recently his son Gabriel who's passion and dedication is shown in the quality of his coffee. Fazenda Freitas' coffee stands out in most quality contests. Both father and son have a real respect for social-environmental legislation and policies that Brazil has adopted, by not hiring workers under 16 years old, applying zero tolerance towards discrimination, equal pay for women, prevention of pollution, professional training for their employees and compliance with health and safety standards.

The Freitas, as a coffee producer, are committed to the environmental sustainability of the planet and upholding labour laws. This ethos is reflected in every single employee and extended to their family life, including school, health and social interactions within the local community.

The production process of coffee at Freitas farm is designed to preserve natural resources such as conservation of soil, water resources and ecosystems. Agricultural management techniques are employed that promote sustainability. and the farm prohibits hunting, fishing, collecting or imprisoning wild animals, any type of fire and the use of weapons.