PANCHITA IRURETA, Atipanaku Competition Lot
PANCHITA IRURETA, Atipanaku Competition Lot

PANCHITA IRURETA, Atipanaku Competition Lot

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Complex and wild in the cup, with notes of black cherry, candied lemon and milk chocolate. A stunning lot which placed 4th in the Atipanaku quality competition of Peru.

LOCATION: Queromarca, Cutervo, Cajamarca
ALTITUDE: 1,900-2,000 masl

Following our sourcing trip to Peru, we agreed to help facilitate a UK jury for an international auction of the top lots from the inaugural Atipanaku quality competition. The competition was open to producers nationwide and aimed to bring roasters and producers together. The auction aimed to offer producers a new platform to sell their unique coffees on and give roasters an opportunity to explore the world of Peruvian specialty coffee that otherwise may be inaccessible.

Producers submitted microlots of between 1 and 5 bags of green coffee which were accepted on the basis of a minimum cup score of 86 points and strict limitations for moisture, water activity and defects.

The top 20 lots were selected over several days in Peru and then roasted and assessed by juries in the US, UK, Germany and Australia before being auctioned online. Anybody who attended the UK tasting can attest to the fact that these were some very special lots with a wide range of flavour profiles.

This lot placed 4th and totally blew us away with its complex fruit notes, funkiness and an intense sweetness. We knew we just had to have it! The producer is Panchita who has just one hectare of land sitting between 1,900 and 2,000 masl. Panchita produces just six bags of coffee each year, so this is a truly special lot.

Panchita grows her coffee in Queromarca, a very remote region with poor infrastructure, better known for producing potatoes. The high altitudes and unique micro-climate result in super dense coffee beans and the low average temperatures mean that coffees can be fermented for extended periods of time, producing that wild, almost natural cup profile.