LEONEL HARTWIG, Sítio Alto Lagoa
LEONEL HARTWIG, Sítio Alto Lagoa

LEONEL HARTWIG, Sítio Alto Lagoa

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Another great coffee from the unique region of Espírito Santo. This lot has notes of blackberry and muscovado sugar with a sweet, citrus-like acidity. Incredibly moreish.

CULTIVAR: Red Catuai
PREPARATION: Pulped Natural
LOCATION: Sítio Alto Lagoa, Espírito Santo
ALTITUDE: 920 masl

Leonel has been investing in quality and specialty production since 2014. Along with his wife Jessica, and their daughters Mikaela and Manuele, he farms a 3.5 acre plot that belongs to his father, Jair. Since investing in his own de-pulper, Leonel has seen his cup scores rise year after year. In 2022 he wants to invest in a new greenhouse and build raised drying beds. The brand new motorcycle and car in Leonel's garage is a testament to the success he is having producing specialty coffee and the very real positive impact it has had on his family.

Espírito Santo state is one of the smallest states in Brazil, but is comprised of dramatically differing landscapes from steep mountains to coastal regions. The state borders with Bahia to the north, Minas Gerais to the west, Rio de Janeiro in the south and to the east lies the Atlantic Ocean. This unusual topography has resulted in beneficial microclimates which favour Arabica production.

The region is dominated by small-scale coffee growers and is characterised by the presence of farmers who are actively engaged in the entire chain of the production process. Growers in Espírito Santo work with family members and build off of traditional knowledge to innovate and improve their quality of life and coffee. Here you will find many washed and pulped-natural processed coffees and the flavour profiles are fruit forward with excellent acidity, somewhat atypical for Brazil.