JHOAN VERGARA, Las Flores Pink Bourbon
JHOAN VERGARA, Las Flores Pink Bourbon

JHOAN VERGARA, Las Flores Pink Bourbon

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This is an impeccably processed lot of what may well be our favourite variety. This coffee is really fruit forward and complex due to a two-part anoxic fermentation and has with notes of strawberry, cherry liqueur and juicy mandarin oranges.

CULTIVAR: Pink Bourbon
PREPARATION: Washed, Anoxic Fermentation
LOCATION: Finca Las Flores, Acevedo, Huila
ALTITUDE: 1,750 masl

Finca Las Flores was founded in 1990 by Jhoan’s parents, Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure. Originally from the department of Cundinamarca, both children of coffee growers who inherited their passion for the countryside and especially for coffee. The farm covers 16.5 hectares, only two of which were originally used for coffee. By 1998, Jhoan’s parents had spread production across the rest of the available land. The family had also grown by this time to include five children; from eldest to youngest: Xiomara, Leonardo, Carlos, Jhoan and Diego.

In 2006 Jhoan’s mother took the initiative to compete in the cup of excellence and was ranked 16th. It was at that moment that she took the first steps exploring the world of specialty coffee. Since then the family have been committed to learning more about agriculture, processing, the supply chain and the market in general. Whilst renewing the traditional Caturra variety that had been cultivated, they started to visit other producers and got to know different varieties with excellent cup profiles that would suit the altitude and soil structure of their farm. Today Finca Las Flores grows a variety of cultivars including Java, Pink Bourbon and Maracaturra.

The family are focussed on creating replicable profiles in order to highlight the potential of each variety. Carlos and Diego are in charge of processing, carefully managing fermentation times and drying. As well as managing the commercial side of the operation, Jhoan is in charge of defining which process to use for each variety and analysing the results. Over the past few years the team have carefully designed their processes in order to highlight the best characteristics of each variety.

This Pink Bourbon was selectively picked to ensure only fully ripe cherries are used. It underwent a two-part anoxic fermentation in plastic bags for a total of around 120hrs before being washed and then dried over 12-15 days, being turned every 2 hours to promote even drying.