CARLOS MONTERO, Manzanal Yellow Honey
CARLOS MONTERO, Manzanal Yellow Honey

CARLOS MONTERO, Manzanal Yellow Honey

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Sweet, juicy and complex honey processed lot from the Manzanal plot on the Montero family’s La Pastora farm. We taste black cherry, juicy white grapes and muscovado sugar.

LOCATION: Finca La Pastora, Tarrazú
ALTITUDE: 1,800 masl

For 20 years, Carlos and his family had been selling cherries to their local cooperative. During the harvest of 2014-2015, they built the micromill, Don Eli, in order to take control of the processing, improve the quality and be able to use the family name on their coffees.

Their Finca La Pastora, is located up on the side of a mountain, with breathtaking views looking back down into the river valley. The coffee for this yellow honey micro-lot was selected from the Manzanal plot, named for the apple trees that grow there.

Honey processed coffees are produced in different ways from farm to farm and have no set standards. In this case the coffees are classified by colour depending on how much mucilage remains on the seed after depulping. The yellow honey sits somewhere between red, having around 50% of its mucilage remaining, and white honey which has approximately 20%. As the coffee dries slowly, the thicker layers of mucilage will dry to a darker colour hence the names.