ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Carbonic Maceration
ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Carbonic Maceration

ARNOLDO PÉREZ, Carbonic Maceration

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This is a shining example of a carbonic maceration; clean and fruit forward without the funkiness you get from some. Loaded with forest fruits, raspberry and white grape juice.

PREPARATION: Carbonic Maceration, Washed
LOCATION: Finca la Senda, Acatenango
ALTITUDE: 1,850 - 1,900 masl

Comprised of Typica picked from Chualax, the farm which belongs to Maria Eugenia, Arnoldo’s wife. The whole cherries underwent a carbonic maceration for 4 days before being pulped and then macerated for a further 10-14 days, closely monitoring and controlling the pH and temperature.

The Finca extends from the borders of the village up to mount Balàm, the hill of the Jaguar in native language and coffee is planted on the mountain side across roughly 27 acres, between 1,550 and 1,970 meters, allowing nature to take its own course at higher altitudes, respecting the unique biosphere. Good nutrition, volcanic soil (the “Volcan de Fuego” sits about 15 km from the farm) and a supportive climate provide for an ideal terroir, as confirmed by the consistent results of local farms at the Cup of Excellence competiton. In fact, La Senda placed 16th in the 2020 Cup of Excellence with some of this lot and we expect to see many more achievements in the coming years.